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    Below are our most popular and most requested classes and they fill up really quickly. Check out the schedule and give us a call as soon as possible at (818) 402-3863 so you can join in the fun with the rest of us! AND…, as a new student your first class is FREE!  (We have other classes, but they are completely full with no more room. Every month we offer on-going and new classes in Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata and West Coast Swing, Country & Western, New York Hustle and more!SBFD - NEW CLASSES JUNE 2016-page0001



    Disco isn’t dead!  You just need to know where the dancers are going and what to do when you get there!  

    SBFD NEW YORK HUSTLE CLASSES-June 2016-page0001

    Private Lessons are also available. But we only have very limited availability as our private lesson schedule is almost booked solid!   

    PRIVATE LESSONS JANUARY 2016 - 2-page0001 - Copy

    The above is a brief description of what you can look forward to. Give us a call about whatever looks interesting to you and ask us questions! We’re happy to help! 

    Anyone can learn to dance if you’ll just give it a try! And I do mean anyone!


    A very special DANCE MASTERY CAMP for new dancers!

    DMC - ALICIA JULY 2016-page0001


    Cone and join our not-so-little dance family!

    You’ll like what we do!  

    …and by the way…..


    This is the truth mental health benefits from dancing!

    What can it do for you physically? Talk to our students. We’ll let them give you the scoop on what all it’s done for them!