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  • TWO BECOME ONE…and Then You DANCE!


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    "Your First Dance" can never be danced again! Will it be a moment to treasure or the typical woeful wedding waddle? No waddling allowed! Showcase your love! You've already declared your love to the world with words…now show them with your FIRST DANCE! Make your "First Dance" a moment to be cherished for all of your lifetime together.

    We will create a truly unique and artistic moment for you designed to give you a presentation of yourselves that is full of the joy and love you have for each other! …And the whole world will see and share in your joy! It will be one you will be proud of and thrilled with for your entire lifetime and your family and guests will always treasure the unexpected and beautiful gift you've given back to them.

    We will design an emotional and exciting, personal dance experience for you where the personalized dance choreography is very intelligently joined with the perfect music for you and this once in a lifetime moment will be yours to treasure forever!

    We know how important the "First Dance" truly is and maybe even more than you since we have been down this path with hundreds of couples. Your performance will be a recorded magical moment to cherish…not something you would want to hide or leave off the wedding video like so many couples do.

    We have several goals we expect to accomplish for each of our couples:

    1. We want their family and friends to be speechless because they weren't expecting a beautiful presentation and of course we expect them to be too amazed to talk! At CELEBRATION we want to go for an "awe factor" from them as close to a "10" as we can get both musically and choreographically!

    We think it would be really nice if more than a handful of them were to cry out of happiness, besides the Moms and Dads of course.

    2. We want a standing ovation for our couples followed by thunderous applause that goes on and on!

    3. Every time our couples think about their "First Dance" even decades later…we want them to STILL get the "warm and fuzzies" just thinking about it!

    4. Years later, we want them to be proud to show their friends the video of their "First Dance" and we want their kids to show it to their friends and say, "That's my Mom and Dad" with pride!

    5. We don't want their friends and family wanting them off the floor, or saying, "Isn't that nice they took dance lessons!" We want them saying, "We had no idea they could do all of that!"

    All of this is accomplished through CHOREOGRAPHY and DANCE TRAINING from an award winning team of industry professionals along with a one-on-one instructional program with some of the best dance coaches in the world.

    Each couples "First Dance" is a choreographed presentation that emphasizes not only their strengths but their personalities as well. We actually videotape portions of each new couples' first session as a "motion study" for staff evaluation before tailoring their choreography. We do not have a "one size fits all" set of cookie cutter steps in our inventory, as is the case with most dance teachers or companies.

    The detailed "motion study" that is videotaped for evaluating each couples physical capability levels. We also conduct an in depth interview that is both fun and interesting for the couple as we psychologically evaluate what as well. Once we've acquired all the needed information, we go back to the studio, meet with the staff, review the video and personal information and then we build your dream for you.

    Costs are reasonable, but vary depending on how far off the wedding is and the amount of time you have available for us to prepare you for this once in a lifetime event!

    Call Lisa at 818-943-7553 for a quote.