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    Our monthly dances are so much fun for everyone and well attended too. We have a huge dance floor of of 5,000 sq. ft, awesome food by the culinary genius Pascale, LA's best Ballroom-Swing DJ-James Woo, free lessons before the dance and much more! If you're concerned about not knowing anyone, call me at (818) 402-3863 and I'll explain why that will only last for maybe 3 seconds after you walk through our door! We love it when new people join our already quite large dance family for an evening of fun and we hope you can join us next month!

  • We have one dance event after another for you and we add to it every week. Check back often so you don't miss out on a good time! Everything is listed either chronologically by dates or by the importance of the event. You can also print your own copies right off of our page too.


  • It's a bling dance party in February!

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    Ladies & Gentlemen, our cruise below has only 3 cabins left and then the ship is sold out! What I'm saying is, if you've been holding back, you're about to miss the boat..., literally! It's time to step up TODAY or just wait another year or two!

     The CARIBBEAN will never be the same...,

    after we get done with it on our cruise!

    We are all so looking forward to this cruise! Nassau, San Marteen, San Juan and we're cruising on the MSC DAVINA, one of the most beautiful ships afloat! Our teaching staff for dance classes at sea is world class and full of champions and more teachers are coming! NOW would be a great time to call us so we can explain details to you and answer all your questions. This is also one of the most reasonably priced cruises we've ever put together considering all the perks that come with this offer.

    SIGN UP! we are running out of room for you if you don't! 

  • Thank you for stopping by! "Transforming lives, One Step at a time" is

    something we do here every day and we would love to do it for you too! 



    Who do you know that needs this class?

    You know someone! We all do. we offer this successful ongoing class series just because we can and it's free with no strings attached other than kick in $4 or $5 if you feel like it to curb costs of location rental. We're changing lives with this class and that's our motivation for doing it!

    If you are fearful of attending yourself, I assure that this is a totally non-threatening, no challenge, no embarrassment, no requirement to participate event! If you're happy to sit there and just observe that's just fine! My very meeting of this group 3 years ago was mostly quiet people! It took a while for them to figure out it was okay to do what they were used to so they work on finding their own voice and courage!

    We'll help you with that too!