• Private Lessons

  • Call Lisa for private lessons.  818-943-7553

    Private lessons can be of benefit to you in a variety of ways.

    1.  If you have an anniversary, company party, high school reunion or cruise to name a few to get ready for, private lessons will definitely get you ready in a hurry. We call it Turbo Training and it is with the incredibly high quality staff we have!  


    2. If you've just decided that you need to get off the couch and have more fun out of life, this is a way to get you on the dance floors of the world quickly and it'll also  facilitate numerous health benefits you may not have even thought about yet. Ask your teacher to go over those for you. What you'll learn will surprise you AND learning to really dance is a really fun kind of aerobics you can use.


    We could include page upon page of benefits here, but let's get you dancing first. We'll educate you slowly to all these benefits.